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Cherrymoon Media - About Us

Cherrymoon Media

cher·ry·moon  \ˈcher-ēˈmün\


1. a bright, shining new opportunity

2. a multimedia company based in central Kentucky specializing in book publishing, web development, and music management

3. the state of being born anew in the night sky

Welcome to Cherrymoon Media.

Established in 2016 by founder Adam Turner, Cherrymoon is dedicated to being your next big opportunity, whether it's realizing your dream of becoming a published author, designing the ideal website for your business, or getting your music out to the masses.

In publishing, people with a strong message, a compelling story or large following are what we are looking for. We work with each author on a daily, personal basis to produce the best book possible and get it out to the wider world. It’s an informal process without the stress or pretense of the traditional publishing process. Just send us your idea!

In web development, we work with our clients to develop their unique stamp on the web. We have social media savvy and can help your business's website stand out from the pack and show up on search engines. We also help you communicate directly with your customers through email and even video.

And in music, we can help your band get organized, get branded, and get on the road, so you can stay focused on what's most important: writing, playing, and recording killer songs.

Whatever your passion, Cherrymoon Media is here to help you realize it to its full potential. Shoot for the Moon and send us an email or give us a call today. 

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