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Graham Wins Big in Knockout Fight with Russell

AUSTIN, TX - Lawsom Graham had a big night in Vegas last night. In a stunning 1 round KO, Graham defeated his longtime rival Mike Russell in a swift few punches.

"It was like I barely even made contact with him and he was out. I guess we know who the real champion is here," Lawsom said.

The payouts for this matchup were extraordinary. For his part, Graham walked with a way with over 7 million dollars.

"That kind of pay? Growing up poor, I assumed I'd never see it. Now? Ha! If someone handed me that kind of money, I certainly wouldn't complain or ask any questions. I would do whatever that person said from now on. So knowing that it came entirely from my own skill and power in the arena is a real honor."

Lawsom's next matchup is two weeks away.


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