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A Book Speaks to High School Seniors

Check out this article inspired by the book Four Vital Questions for High School Seniors, and catch Dr. Babbage himself at his upcoming Brier Books book signing Sunday, September 23.

Hi. My name is “Four Vital Questions for High School Seniors.” I am a book. Perhaps you never had a conversation with a book before, but it is time for that to happen. Why now? Because the senior year of high school is the time when you think about and make decisions about what you are going to do after you graduate from high school. Let’s start our conversation right now.

How is your senior year of high school going? If that year has not begun, what do you anticipate about that year? If that year has begun, how is the year going? If that year is ending or has ended, did you make all of the decisions and all of the plans you needed to make so you can move directly and confidently into your next endeavor? I hope that what you do after high school will be a wholesome adventure and a great opportunity for you.

Your senior year of high school is a very busy time. You have classes to take and there is homework to do for those classes. There are school activities you can be involved in and school events you could attend. You might have a part-time job in addition to other responsibilities. This can be a very demanding year while it also certainly is a very significant year.

I suspect that there is one very important thought which increasingly is on your mind. That thought is about what you are going to do after high school. How is that decision made? Are there sources of advice? How does a high school senior figure out everything that goes along with deciding what to do after graduating from high school?

That’s where I come in. Remember, I am a book and there is something unique about me just like there is much that is unique about you. I am a book which you will be the co-author of. That’s right. You get to write part of a book. You and I are going to become great friends.

I am going to ask you some questions. These are not like the questions you have had on tests or quizzes in school. The questions I am going to ask are about you. As you and I work together, you will do some reading, much thinking and a lot of writing. What will you think about and what will you write about? You. I am a book which is of, by, and for you. Congratulations, you are going to become the co-author of a book.

Here are the four vital questions that you will read about, think about, and write about: Where have I been? Where am I now? Where am I going? How will I get there? Those four vital questions are such fascinating topics and they are all about you.

As you explore your answers to the four vital questions, I will lead you throughout this very individualized journey. Within each of the four vital questions will be some sub-topics to consider. Once you have read all of the pages, thought about all of the questions, and answered all of the questions, you will have a book which is unlike any other book in the world. Your copy of “Four Vital Questions for High School Seniors” becomes a one-of-a-kind book because you are a one- of-a kind-person. What you wrote in your copy of the book is uniquely you.

You have read many books during your years in school. You have read textbooks, biographies, novels, and other books. Were any of those books written just for you? I was. Did any of those books invite you to become the co-author? I am inviting you. Now is the time for you to co-author a book. Now is the time for you to think deeply and to write confidently about “The Four Vital Questions for High School Seniors”. Now is the time for you to determine what you are going to do after high school and how you are going to make that happen.

I need to share with you one more idea. Be sure to do this, please. When you graduate from high school make sure that you take two things with you: your diploma and your thoroughly read and thoroughly written-in copy of “Four Vital Questions for High School Seniors.”

(Dr. Keen Babbage has 34 years of experience in education. He has worked in middle schools and in high schools. He has written 22 books about education.)

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