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Introducing The Cat's Eye Photography

It was just with chance that Cat crossed my path. I knew her father from a prior business and had met her at one of our many functions, her camera in hand, documenting the day. She wasn’t bashful about popping in and getting the perfect shot.

When I started Cherrymoon Media, Cat House, or Sarah as she’s occasionally called, was also working on a dream of her own: starting her own photography business. That Cat’s Eye, as it would soon be called, would bring Cat’s skills behind the lens to the greater Lexington area, as well as her hometown of London. And now in 2017, she is ready for your business (with a brand new Cherrymoon-designed website to boot).

I believe in Cat because she believes in the importance of a great photo. She believes in their storytelling potential and their unique ability to communicate emotion. She believes in chasing her passions and believes in herself enough to make a living pursuing them. And I’m certainly glad she believed in Cherrymoon enough to work with us on something so dear to her.

Plus, she’s a concert fiend, like myself, so we always have plenty to discuss.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out her work, visit her site, and follow her social pages so next time you need a moment captured, you’ll think of The Cat’s Eye Photography.

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