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Welcome to Cherrymoon Media

Hey folks,

Welcome to Cherrymoon and thanks for visiting the new site. It's been an exciting few months getting everything set up and ready to go, so I very much appreciate you taking the time to stop by and learn more.

I love art. Art of all stripes. I love making it, experiencing it, reflecting on it, and more than anything I love its potential to move me, change me, shake me to my core. I live for those rare, profound feelings, those quiet realizations, those spine-tingling chills you only find when you've witnessed something special. It only seemed natural to want to help create as many of those moments as possible in my lifetime. And Cherrymoon is my (and hopefully your) opportunity to do so.

We're a book publisher, dedicated to helping you realize your writing dreams. I have my background in publishing and have ample experience designing, editing, formatting, and marketing books. But I'm not interested in doing my version of your book. I want to do YOUR version, and I want to do it in a way that connects with people. As a writer myself, that's not only my publishing mission; it's my duty.

We're also a web designer, committed to transforming your web and media presence and organizing your message. With so many tools at your disposal, it can be overwhelming deciding what is worth your time and how to maximize your impact where it matters. We'll help you navigate the ever-tangling web while making sure your website stands out from the crowd.

Finally, as a bit of a passion project for myself, we're also a record label, managing your music, image, and (hopefully busy) touring schedule. Music makes my world go round, so I want Cherrymoon to orbit yours. We'll provide some structure, some guidance, some capital, and more for your band. At the very least, you'll have a new, very vocal hype man for your work.

The thrilling and terrifying part about art is it's in everyone. It's inside you right now, and the fella next to you, and so on for infinity, in subtle and noisy degrees that you may never explore the depths of. Most dream of creative expression in some fashion, of making their mark in their short time here, but it can be intimidating to even try, especially when so many giants have come before and inspired only self-loathing and doubt in your own efforts. Usually all it takes is someone else out there to believe in what you're doing. Humbly but passionately, I ask that you consider giving Cherrymoon Media the opportunity to believe in you. I truly think the world could benefit from it, so let the Moon shine a light on your passion and give us a call. And in the meantime, explore the site, connect with us on social media, and keep on creating!

Thanks for listening,

Adam Turner

Founder | Cherrymoon Media


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