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North End

The Dark Forest

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“How rude of me,” she whispered, lowering her face inches from mine again. “I haven’t properly introduced myself. I am Nenet, Miles’ mother. Although I’m sure you knew that already. And you are Josie Parker. The Josie Parker.”

Things are finally beginning to feel somewhat normal for the students of North End until the death of another student rocks the campus. Though the murder seems suspiciously similar to the one that occured last semester, Josie and her friends are provided no answers. When they go looking, they are met with an unlikely ally. But as they uncover more about the murder, Josie uncovers more about herself. 

Will she be brave enough to face her fate and save those closest to her? 

North End: The Dark Tunnel  is the second entry in this addictive series by author Amanda Turner. The adventure continues...

Amanda Turner
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